Last Wednesday I went to the NYX exclusive bloggers preview - 
even though the shop has been open for a couple of days, 
but it was a fun event - and after years of online shopping 
I could see the whole range of NYX products in person!

I swear it's more fun than I ever thought it would be. 
The prices are similar to the prices on the NYX UK WEBSITE - only they're at times
cheaper but you'd have to bear in mind there are shipping costs on the NYX website. 

They have such a huge variety of makeup - no need to tell you about that though,
NYX is quite famous already so I'm not going to bore you with the details -

I'll just show you a few photos.
In case you're wondering it's located opposite Morgan at Tower Road, Sliema.
and they have 3 floors total.

It was such a fun event- got to catch up with some of the other bloggers because
it's been a long while since we had a meet up
and we even got a goody bag.

They have cute shopping baskets which they hang out whilst shopping - they're adorable!

I got some other items too because I just couldn't resist- but I cannot open them yet because I need to set up my vanity area before I start filming. So I'll show you what I got in a future video
(which will be a couple of months from now - because as you might know -
I'm unable to film at the moment, so all the videos I'm posting at the moment have been filmed a couple of months ago.)




with some of the other bloggers

with all of the other bloggers - photo credit: Passion to Beauty http://passiontobeauty.blogspot.com

That's it for this post -
and stay tuned for the next !
- Dyna


  1. I would be in heaven at this event. I really like everything I have tried from NYX although where I live the selection sucks:)

  2. You know what???? I am sooooooo jealous right now oh my gosh I would be in heaven i mean HEAVEN


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