From super light to super dark to super light hair | MY HAIR COLOUR STORY !

So as pregnancy symptoms continue to surprise me - 
it's 3.15am and my first symptom of heartburn has started. 
So much for totally ignoring pregnancy heartburn articles.
At least I think it's heartburn - because I never experienced this before. 
Anyway, so I'm stuck awake at 3.15am and I decided to type out my HAIR COLOUR STORY.

Quite recently I posted a photo of myself with blonde and brown hair 
and I asked you guys which you prefer 
and surprisingly a lot of you preferred brown hair on me than blonde hair. 
Actually it was more like a 50-50 thing, but there were a few more "votes" for brown hair. 

I was never the type to like changing my hair colour. 
My hair is of natural length and I like to keep it that way by keeping it as healthy as possible, 
so I normally just touch up roots. 

My hair was of natural colour up until I was 18 probably. 
I put some highlights in my hair with no bleach - which were barely visible and slightly on the orangey-side. 
Then I got some dye of my own - the ones you get at the supermarket. 
I think it was a l'Oreal one and it didn't work. It only tinted the hair which is not what I wanted.
Then I tried some other brand, and it slightly added a bit of blonde as strands. 
Then I found a shop - if you're an international shopper you probably won't find this of any use, of course, 
but there's this shop at Hamrun in Malta, opposite the square-thingy, 
it's called TOP BRANDS and they sell professional hair dye at wholesale prices. 

Basically it costs some  6 euro including the developer. 
I'll do a hair dye post for beginners soon - if you don't know what the developer is. 

Anywho - I've been purchasing hair dye from there. 
I don't use the same brand all the time but 
I go with descriptions. 

My hair naturally has reddish tint to it - which gives it the golden tinge - 
but I used to use golden blonde as a shade - then changed to 
slightly ash very light blonde.

That's when I went all blonde. 
I don't want my hair lighter - it's as light as I want it to be. 
AND I don't use bleach on my hair - just hair dye. 
 I loved my blonde hair - until one fine day - 
I was looking at old photos and I came across this old photo of mine, where I had strands of blonde, but very minimally, and my hair was still natural - 
and my boyfriend said it looked great on me - 
and actually I remember loving my hair colour back then. 

So - I went out and bought golden brown hair dye. 
Because my hair was muchos lighter than it ever was - little did I know - the brown became much much darker than I had anticipated, 
almost an ashy-grey-dark-type of brown. 
I hated it. 
I remember freaking out and crying.
I regretted not going to a professional hair salon and having it done there. 
I left blonde strands  in my hair - and because of the contrast in my hair they started to look white. 
I had a blonde strand that became striped because I did not carefully wrap the strands in foil. 
 So it was a disaster. 

I remember I called my boyfriend and I freaked out over the phone, he came to pick me up 
and we went to a couple of hair salons for advice, two of which couldn't dye my hair at the moment. 
I wanted my blonde hair back. 
But they both told me I'd have to use bleach now to change it. 
And my hair was already super dry and brittle because I had just dyed it brown. 
 I wouldn't have used bleach even if I hated my new look so much.
Anyway - then one of the hair stylists told me to get some deep cleansing shampoo and wash my hair like no tomorrow. 
Apparently, even with regular shampoo, when your hair's blonde underneath - it always wins over the brown, 
so the deep cleansing shampoo speeds up the process. 
I continued to hate my hair, but continued to shampoo it - which made my hair lighter. 
I still missed my blonde hair, but I didn't want to bleach it. 
Even though a lot of people told me dark hair suited me - I actually have to disagree,
I had to wear a dark shade of foundation in order not to look like Morticia from Adam's family, 
and dark smokey eyes all the time, to make it look like the dark hair suited me. 
The dark hair was much darker than my natural hair colour and I hated it every step of the way. 

Then, around a month later, I got some blonde hair dye and dyed some blonde strands round my face - 
it started to get all better. 
Looking back at photos, videos and all - I think that quite suited me. 
BUT I still missed my blonde hair.
You see - I don't know if anyone would relate to this, 
but I feel most comfortable with blonde hair, 
I wear less makeup when I have blonde hair and I style my hair more easily. 

The transition back to blonde took some 9 months to get the shade I originally had, 
and I wanted to do that slowly because I didn't want to damage my hair. 
My hair is now blonde as it used to be and I don't miss the dark hair one bit. 
It's healthy - even though I desperately need to find time to cut my hair because it's lost its shape, 
but it's at a healthy stage, 
slightly drier than it ever was, 
but I'm treating it. 

Anyway - I talk too much. 
That's my hair colour story. 
And I hope this answers some of your questions 

I wish you lots of good hair days and take care


  1. I remember being one of those who liked your dark hair. I told you this a couple of times too but I totally get your point. DO what you are comfortable with. MY dad hated my lighter shade of hair and without a moments hesitation i dyed them dark bcz of him

    ✿Amna's Blog✿

  2. I love your blonde hair A LOT better than darker hair. Because you're pale, I feel like the darker hair just washes you out!

  3. Dyna i think you look great in blonde!
    I'm a beginning fashion blogger, please check my blog

  4. I think your hair looked great blond and brown, but I know what you mean about it only mattering what you feel. It's great that you like your hair now :D


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