I haven't really posted anything like this ever - 
but I want you to gain some insight on what my wishlists are like. 
This one has exceeded the $300 mark - and not everything I want is currently in stock at the cherryculture website, so there's more really. 

I'll have to narrow it down of course, but I'll eventually make my purchase 
when my vanity's all set up and it can welcome new makeup - 
because I already have two ELF boxes that are still boxed. 

So till everything's set up - and a good promotional offer comes out, 
I'll have to stay happy lusting over my own wishlist.

EDIT!!:  A few days later I typed out this post - TODAY - cherryculture launched a 40% OFF -
which, if I'm not mistaken is one of their best promotional offers
since I was just expecting a 20% off.
I actually got this whole lot and more -
I edited some bits and bobs
but the total mounted to $350 + shipping without discount.

But the total order mounted to 200eur which is not too much considering I got 62 items.
I got a bunch of NYX, Jordana, Milani, LA girl, LA colors, DUO and Mehron.
I'm hoping all items will come along - because I heard cherryculture have a habit of not telling you
that the items are out of stock - and they just don't include them and you'd have to claim shipping.
I'll also probably have to pay tax and VAT on the items, which sucks,
but I know I got a good bargain even if I'll have to.

This was my wishlist prior to making the order-
 I'll show you exactly what I got in a haul video when the order comes along. :D

The 40% OFF CODE is FBI2013
and it knocks off 40% OFF all items
except for shipping.

That's it for this post!
and till the next.. take care!

 FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I am not affiliated with the company.


  1. awwww im totally sickened I made an order 2 weeks ago with Cherry Culture and got them and all but no discount code if I knew that I would have waited and got alot more :(

  2. this is an amazing order hun, cant wait to see the haul :D

  3. UGH that's what happened to me last time. This time round - I said I'll wait for a discount code - plus I won't be able to use any of the stuff till January so I made purchase now just because of the promotional code, otherwise I would have waited. I had to pay tax fees last time too - which sucked.. I'll probably have to pay tax and 18% vat too. I would check if you could cancel and reorder if I were you - sometimes cherryculture takes ages to dispatch items maybe you're still in time x

  4. i'm still deciding what to get , my wish list is growing.. geeks. I already ordered once from cherry culture at 20% discount and now at 40% its such a temptation. I first was seeing some reviews and everyone speaks very high of MAC products, but they are very expensive. I think nyx have are good in quality and not that expensive. Has anyone tried the japonesque brushes as I did not find good reviews about nyx ..

  5. NYX brushes aren't that great dear - You should get some ELF ones off their studio line - OR get the costal scents 22 brush set - I love those! x


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