PUPA Lasting Color Gel Nail Polish #035 Review w/ Swatches !

As you might have seen from previous posts, 
PUPA has some pretty awesome nail polish colors in their LE collections,
 now they have launched A TON of shades for their permanent collection. 
I got sent the shade #035 and that's the one I will be reviewing today. 



First of all - generally speaking PUPA nail polishes are not on the cheap side, 
they're 6-something euro, 
and you get quite little product in them. 
I personally prefer small nail polish tubs than big ones 
because the big ones always get goopy on me before I even finish them. 
Another thing - you know how some nail polish dry up and separate over a few months? 
PUPA nail polishes DON'T.. 
they last a great deal with the best texture. 
The wand is a very handy perfectly sides wand and the tube is sleek
 and the words don't fade over time. 
The one thing I don't like is that PUPA doesn't name their products.
 If they did - they'd probably be in Italian given that it's an Italian brand. 
But I love having names for products instead of just numbers.
 But that's just me. 



This nail polish is VERY pigmented, 
the formula is not overly runny or overly thick - it's just right. 
I got this colour that you see in the swatches with just one swipe! 
So even though you get a relatively small amount of product,
you don't have to LAYER AND LAYER 
and waste your time and product for maximum colour payoff. 
The shade is to die for. 
It's one of those shades that are hard to photograph - 
they turn out a bit too orange at times on camera, or too pink. 
This coral shimmerless shade is a slightly peachy coral shade that's perfect for summer.
 And even though summer is almost over,
 I'll still be wearing this bundle of joy.



That's it for this post!
and till the next.. take care!

 FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with the company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion 


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