I saw this up on some other beauty blogs and decided to give it a go - 
even though I'm closer to the end of the pregnancy now. 

How far along? 

27 weeks- yesterday

Total weight gain/measurements:

 I know it doesn't seem like it - but I feel HUGE. I've gained around 10 kilos so far.

Maternity clothes:

 I don't really have any. First of all - maternity selection in Malta sucks, and because it's still summer I can still afford to wear comfy beach dresses.

Stretch marks: 

 I found two :(  they're at an area that will stay hidden but they still suck.


 Oh this has become a tough task already.
I've been having pelvic pain on my left hip so I can't lie on my left side,
 I've been told not to lie down because the uterus can lie on some main artery or whatever,
 so I'm stuck to my right side. And I haven't been sleeping that regularly.

Best moment this week:

 Pregnancy-wise, feeling our baby move is always an amazing overwhelming feeling. AND she had hiccups this week! Cutest thing ever!  We've also agreed on a name! - YAY

Miss anything? 

Sleeping properly, of course. I miss working, and I miss Ruby (Mum's 3 year old dog).


All the time really, but especially just before I sleep and when I wake up - it's such a sweet feeling :D

Food cravings: 

RED BULL. I swear I'm going to buy a whole box of red bull and get hyper all by myself when all this is over. 
Oh and Red Velvet Cake. 
But I don't really believe n food cravings - I like using them to get what I want :D

Anything making you queasy or sick?

 Now that the stomach's back to normal - fish and cigarettes, but there's nothing new there.




Pelvic Pain, tiredness, back pain,
 I'm having a hard time breathing properly 
and even walking up and down the stairs has become quite the task.

Belly button in or out? 

In.. it's really stretching though. I'm not looking forward to seeing it popping out,
I get shivers even thinking about it.

Happy or moody most of the time: 

Happy, I think. But I do get all hormonal every now and then.

Looking forward to: 

My Baby Shower. I've wanted to do a baby shower ever since I got pregnant -
it's quite a new concept here in Malta, I think, but it's such a cute idea and my best friend is organising it for me :D

I'm not sure if I want to keep this post coming every week - 
because ever since the start of the pregnancy I was hesitant to start talking about my pregnancy on my blog and such.. 
but we'll see if I'll be in the mood for this next week. 
let me know what you think.. 


  1. Congratulations! So glad you're so happy and doing so well. Take care xx


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