NYX Slim Eye / Eyebrow Pencil in Black | Review w/ Swatches !

I recently got some stuff from NYX cosmetics Malta to try out. 
And this Slim Eye / Eyebrow Pencil is one of them.
I already have the white one, so this is not my first time trying them.

Now to be honest - I think the products sent for pr were not well thought out -
whenever I get products for pr purposes - there's a certain hype around them.
And most of the products they sent don't.
Especially because this brand has just been launched in Malta -
so I'd assume they want a certain hype around the brand.
Also - us as product testers were sent the same items (which is weird -
they could get a variety of reviews with multiple items).
But of course that's their business.
I'm saying this - because I've tried NYX before and BOY do they have some amazing stuff!
But I didn't like some of the items they sent me.
I'm not going to lie about liking the items, but please bear in mind -
NYX is a great brand, and they have some great stuff - I love their square blushes, round lipsticks,
matte lipsticks, single eyeshadows, caribbean palettes, FOUNDATION (HG stuff here!),
grinding blushes and so many more stuff! -I'm so excited about about NYX coming to Malta,
and just because I don't like some of these products -
doesn't mean I don't like the brand - I have a ton other reviews on my blog -  so check them out.
I have a huge soft spot for NYX, and I wish that the products they sent me are products that I love so I can share with you how much I love their brand.



This is a kohl eye pencil, and it applies matte and doesn't need setting. 
It is not that creamy and has problems transferring to the waterline,
It is also very dry in texture and not that pigmented for a black liner. 

used on the lower lashline.


used it on my lower lashline



Not too impressed to be honest. 
And I'm not surprised either, the white one is just the same. 
I have a ton of eyeliners that perform better than this. 
It's an OK liner, but there are better eyeliners on the market.

That's it for this post!
I hope you find this helpful and let me know what you think guys!

 FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I got the product for free for pr purposes and I am not affiliated with the company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion.


  1. Not tried any NYX products yet so if i do i wont pick this up thanks fir the heads up

    Carrieanne x


  2. Thanks for the post! I was thinking about getting this but I'm glad I didn't :) What's your favourite liquid eyeliner?

    Malvika :)

    1. There's a really good one by Essence - their waterproof liquid eyeliner - and even Milani have a super good one - it's called the infinite eyeliner. It's super black hun xx


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