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RANDOM SWATCH OF THE DAY! Catrice Prime and Fine Highlighter in 01 Fairy Dust

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer | Review w/ Swatches !

HEY DOLLS! Sometime last year I was experimenting with a few concealers  and I wanted to get some of the products that were quite highly raved about. I got this one and the Revlon photoready one.  This concealer was relatively new back then,  and I actually finished the whole thing by now. 
I featured this in my concealer video right here:

ABOUT THE PRODUCT This concealer has particular packaging. It's a twist up concealer with a sponge on top where the product seeps through.  I would have preferred a typical squeezy tube,  but you don't get any waste this way,  and it's quite a handy one.  The formula is very lightweight and doesn't need setting.  It has medium to full coverage depending on application.  I got the shade light, which is the lightest shade because I tend to like light concealers underneath my eyes.   It lasts all day and looks quite natural on the skin. 

BOTTOM LINE Hands down - one of the best concealers I have tried.  BUT - Maybelline is not cruelty…

LIPSTICK DIARIES #56 | NYX Dolly Pink + VIVO Sweetie Pink | Quick Nighttime Look!

HEY DOLLS! I love bright pink lips - I do find them a tad difficult to wear,  but this lip combination - pairing NYX's slim lip pencil in dolly with VIVO's sweetie pink  really works, I find. It's not in-your-face bright  but it's still bright and makes the look fun to wear.  I understand it's very blue-toned so people might find it too girly.
I like it, would you wear it?

All products are listed below:
FACE NYX HD foundation in natural Essence soft touch mousse makeup in 04 matt ivory NYC bronzer in sunny VIVO baked blush in rose NYX mosaic blush in highlight
EYES ELF mineral eyeshadow primer Bourjois eyeshadow in 09 brun nylon, 02 maxi blanc ELF mineral eyeshadow in angelic Essence eyeliner pen* Essence multi action mascara in blackest black* Essence multi action best selling mascara Covergirl lash blast waterproof very black mascara Avon Supershock Mascara
EYEBROWS MUA eyebrow pencil in blonde Catrice lash brow designer*
LIPS NYX slim lip pencil in dolly pink VIVO…

DOVE Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion Gradual Self-Tanner | Review !

HEY DOLLS! I have had this self-tanner for almost a year now- and I still haven't reviewed it.  Reason being is that I wanted to kind of swatch it to show how it performs, but can't be bothered with tinting a part of my arm or something.  So instead.  I'm going to talk about it.  And you'll just have to trust my words. 
ABOUT THE PRODUCT It feels just like a lotion and absorbs quite quickly -  doesn't have a sticky residue,  it's moisturising more than anything.  At a risk of transforming myself into an oompa loompa,  I got the medium to dark lotion,  and it works amazingly on my skintone.  I could apply it just the once for that slight hint of a more natural tan,  or  I could apply it over 2 nights for a deeper tan. It does not (at all) have an orangey tint to it -  so you won't look like Snooki, I promise.   I like to apply it after I shower in the evening and let it do its magic -  it doesn't leave any tanner residue -  and I do not need to wash the…




LIP SWATCH OF THE DAY! MUA's lip boom in VIBE (lipstick only)

MUA Eyebrow Pencil in Brunette | Review w/ Swatches !

Some months ago I reviewed the MUA eyebrow pencil in Blonde
but I eventually darkened my hair and went for a dark brown by mistake
(Long story short - I didn't know that when dying your hair a darker colour
 on blonde hair you should go for two shades lighter than shown on the display.)

So I got the brunette version instead, thinking I'll love it as much as I loved the blonde one.

 ABOUT THE PRODUCT I find it too creamy for eyebrows,
you could easily overdo it with this brow pencil.
I have never tried it as eyeliner because I'm not sure it would be safe to do so
but I think the formula is more of a creamy eyeliner than anything.
It's definitely not an easy product to work with,
because I'd need to work round it to make it work.
It lasts all day with minimal fading, so the formula's good.

BOTTOM LINE I'm not a fan of this one to be honest, I love and adore the blonde one (I'm blonde again now, anyway so I will be needing backups o…



Ever since I was a little girl I've always obsessed about long hair.  My mum used to have it long, until one day I convinced her to cut it shoulder-length.  My hair was never Miley Cyrus short, or even bob,  but I did quite like my short hair when I was younger. 
I was still obsessed with long hair.  Everytime I saw someone with long hair I always envied them. Until one fine day, I decided not to cut my hair anymore.  I was 14-ish,  and I did not dye or style my hair,  I just left it in a bun or down,  so I could afford to avoid trimming it.  Then I trimmed it every six months.  Sometimes, it took me even a year to go to a hairdresser,  because they always cut more off my hair then I would allow them to.
(which is why I cut my own hair now- check out the video below!)

 I now dye my own hair and I don't use extensions.
I get a lot of compliments on my long hair,
and how I managed to grow it to this length.
The thing is the transition may be a bit tough to go through…

WJCON Automatic Long Lasting Eye Liner #103 Flamingo | Review w/ Swatches !

HEY DOLLS! A few months back I was invited to a WJCON meet up thing -  and I got some products from their brand. In case you've never heard of it -  WJCON is an Italian brand available in Italy and Malta for the time being.  The price range I'd say is quite wide but still very much affordable.  The brand provides great quality products that deliver.

ABOUT THE PRODUCT When I decided to get this eyeliner I was thinking it would be a great lip product -  but to be honest, it was a tad too drying for lips.  I also used it as an eyeliner,  and as expected from WJCON, it lasts for ages, and applies like a dream.  The shade is a matte peachy-pink shade.

 I used it on the lips here: I used it on the inner lashline here: BOTTOM LINE A great product, but I wish it wasn't as drying on the lips.  It's still a  great product that's worth getting though!  It's quite a unique shade to find as an eyeliner, and it also looks fab on the waterline. 
 That's it for this post!

LIP SWATCH of the day!

LIP SWATCH of the day! VIVO lip lacquer shine in SUNSET !

A peek into my wishlist! | FEEL UNIQUE WISHLIST | Rimmel, L'Oreal & Maybelline !

I have recently shared with you my Cherryculture wishlist - which I've already ordered - just because they launched a 40% off! #happydances
So I've decided to show you a peek into my wishlists..
Rimmel, Maybelline, L'Oreal and Revlon can be somewhat overpriced here in Malta,  so it wouldn't make sense to get them over here.  Instead - I selfishly swatch products whenever I'm at a pharmacy and waiting to get served -  and then I put them on my wishlists.  Revlon is not available off feelunique. But I wish it is. 
I have never bought from but I WANT TO.  And I'll tell you why in a sec - they have sooo many brand on their website -  which is AWESOME.  They have FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING  which means you won't be spending anymore than you think you have to.  AND AND AND - Best thing of all-  It's a UK company - which means,  I won't need to pay any custom fees or VAT or taxes and all that crap. 
Anywho.  This is what I rea…

LIP SWATCH of the day!

LIP SWATCH of the day! ELF luscious liquid lipstick in PERFECT PINK !

L'OREAL Glam Bronze in 940 Sunkissed Bronze | Review !

HEY DOLLS! I have been trying this bronzer over the last few couple of months - and I would like to share my experience with you.

ABOUT THE PRODUCT This bronzer is not that dark. So if you're a medium to tan to dark - forget about this. It's more for pale - light - light medium skintones. I'm a light medium at the moment, and it's a bit too light for me too. But I do like using this to warm up my face. I like to apply this all over my face just to add a touch of colour, and I use the light shade on areas where I don't want darkened, like my under eyes, nose and highlight.

BOTTOM LINE It's not that good to be used as a contour. It's more of a warming bronzer, especially for pale skintones who always tend to find bronzers too muddy or too dark for their skintones.

Get this from !

That's it for this post!
and till the next.. take care!

 FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I got this product…

LIP SWATCH of the day!

LIP SWATCH of the day! MUA lip boom in LMK (lipstick only)


HEY DOLLS! I have been meaning to post this FOTD for ages -  I probably have the worst photos in a lipstick diaries to date,  but I decided to share anyway, because I love purple eyeshadow and this is a look I wore to a wedding ceremony. 
I hope you guys like it - you can find the list of products I used below !

FACE NYX HD foundation in 03 natural Essence soft touch mousse makeup in 04 matt ivory Palladio herbal concealer in yellow NYC bronzer in sunny VIVO cosmetics blush and highlight duo in sweet peach - blush only NYX mosaic blush in highlight*
EYES ELF mineral eyeshadow primer NYX ultra pearl mania in true purple Duo eyelash adhesive in clear / waterproof Lanmei ( glitter VIVO cosmetics eyeshadow palette in Dreamy - clay, sand, night, tease NYX single eyeshadow in  highlight ELF mineral eyeshadow in celebrity False eyelashes (top) - 906, 118 lower lashes from ebay Essence multi action blackest black mascara

EYEBROWS VIVO eyebrow pencil in light brown Catrice…