A peek into my wishlist! | FEEL UNIQUE WISHLIST | Rimmel, L'Oreal & Maybelline !


I have recently shared with you my Cherryculture wishlist -
which I've already ordered - just because they launched a 40% off!

So I've decided to show you a peek into my wishlists..

Rimmel, Maybelline, L'Oreal and Revlon can be somewhat overpriced here in Malta, 
so it wouldn't make sense to get them over here. 
Instead - I selfishly swatch products whenever I'm at a pharmacy and waiting to get served - 
and then I put them on my wishlists. 
Revlon is not available off feelunique. But I wish it is. 

I have never bought from feelunique.com
but I WANT TO. 
And I'll tell you why in a sec - they have sooo many brand on their website - 
which is AWESOME. 
which means you won't be spending anymore than you think you have to. 
AND AND AND - Best thing of all- 
It's a UK company - which means, 
I won't need to pay any custom fees or VAT or taxes and all that crap. 

This is what I really want to get off their website - 
I also want to get the Rimmel BB cream and their scandaleyes in nude,
  which are not available / in stock on their website (BOO!)


Lasting Finish Lipstick in Pink Blush
Match Perfection Concealer in Classic Beige,
Rimmel Natural Bronzer in sun bronze
Match Perfection Foundation in Soft Beige
Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation in Soft Beige
Rimmel Apocalips lip laquer in Luna, Eclipse, Nova

Maybelline the Eraser Instant Anti Age Foundation in sun beige
Maybelline Vivid lipstick in Shocking Coral and Hot Plum
I might even throw in Pink Pop in the mix
And I even want to try out the L'Oreal True Match foundation,too.

I'm not sure about the Maybelline & L'Oreal items though -
Both brands - actually owned by the same company, test on animals,
so even though their stuff lures me in to an extent I can't explain.
I try very hard not to buy their products.
I try my best not to support animal testing and support cruelty free cosmetics.

BUT - there's no harm in having a wishlist, right?

 That's it for this post!
and till the next.. take care!

 FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with the company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion .


  1. Hi Dyna. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I have bought from feelunique.com. If you subscribe with them they frequently send promo codes for 10-15% off or you can lookup for one on the net. In the meantime I was looking at some reviews online and there were quite some good ones for rimmerl kate moss maybe you'd like to try. i haven't. By any chance have you ever tried the brand Laura Geller, they are gorgeous.

  2. Hi Odecar :) I love rimmel kate moss lipstick, I need to try some other shades too! I've never tried Laura Geller, anything you'd recommend dear?

  3. Unfortunately Revlon and Rimmel also test on animals. :/
    I really like the Maybelline Vivids too, but I won't buy them :(

    1. Hi Melissa - As far as I know Rimmel used to test - they don't anymore. And Revlon didn't use to - but now they do :/


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