Ever since I was a little girl I've always obsessed about long hair. 
My mum used to have it long, until one day I convinced her to cut it shoulder-length. 
My hair was never Miley Cyrus short, or even bob, 
but I did quite like my short hair when I was younger. 

I was still obsessed with long hair. 
Everytime I saw someone with long hair I always envied them.
Until one fine day, I decided not to cut my hair anymore. 
I was 14-ish, 
and I did not dye or style my hair, 
I just left it in a bun or down, 
so I could afford to avoid trimming it. 
Then I trimmed it every six months. 
Sometimes, it took me even a year to go to a hairdresser, 
because they always cut more off my hair then I would allow them to.
(which is why I cut my own hair now- check out the video below!)

 I now dye my own hair and I don't use extensions.
I get a lot of compliments on my long hair,
and how I managed to grow it to this length.
The thing is the transition may be a bit tough to go through,
because if you're growing out your hair,
chances are it's better to lay off the hair dye and the trimming
to keep your hair in the healthiest state.

However -  if I were to grow out my own hair at this stage,
I would probably opt for a different method.
I would continue to dye my hair (as long as you stick to the same colour and touch up only roots)
and trim my hair every so often.
I would continue to style my hair and use clip-in extensions.
I've recently come across this website that sells these amazing clip-in extensions
I personally would favour the use of clip in extensions over using bonded extensions, 
I've had so many friends saying their hair got damaged in the process. 
Plus clip-ins are temporary, 
which can be a good thing and a bad thing, I guess. 
In my opinion it's a good thing. 
If say - it's summer and you can't stand your hair down today, 
you can decide not to opt for clip-ins and pull your hair up. 
If you have an occasion coming up 
and you need a quick fix for your growing and not so stylish hair - 
you can just opt for clip-ins. 
The bad thing is that until you get used to them you'll probably need your 15 extra minutes to put them in. 

If you have long hair but is too fine to style or need that extra volume, 
clip in extensions can come real handy, too. 

When buying hair extensions, make sure you buy HUMAN HAIR extensions, 
they're a bit pricier, but worth it - 
they normally last a longer time plus you can style them with your curling iron and tools. 
Synthetic hair will burn if you try styling it. 
Plus - synthetic tend to have a glossy finish, which would look quite fake in photos. have quite the variety of shades - plus they also have a wavy option. 
I'm probably #613 Lightest Blonde. But given they're of human hair quality, 
I'd probably dye them with my hair dye to have a perfect match.

FTC DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion.


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