50% OFF COASTAL SCENTS | WHAT I GOT [brushes & more!]+ What I strongly recommend you get!

So this morning I got an email from Coastal scents stating they have launched a 50% off
which always happens round this time off year. 
And yes I'm weak whenever I see a 50% off offer. 
And I caved. 
Here's what I got - 
and why I got them, and below find a product I strongly recommend from their website! 


As many of you might know I'm a freelance makeup artist, 
so for me brushes are always a huge investment. 
I had to pause for a short while till I set up my new vanity area, 
and will resume in a month or so (I can't wait!). 
I can understand why people wouldn't buy as many brushes as I do, 
but when you use brushes on clients, NO brush should be repeated. 
I've actually seen makeup artists at public events repeating brushes on their clients, 
which is gross, unsanitary and very unprofessional.
I think I currently have 7-8 brush sets, which allow me to have a total of 8 clients in one day
before I'd have to wash the whole lot. 

Anyway -
I've bought coastal scents brushes before and I was blown away by them.
So of course I'm getting new ones :D
I LOVE blending brushes - 
I use them to blend my concealer, my eyeshadow, 
and obviously to soften any harsh lines with makeup. 
They're so multitasking, so I had to get me a bunch of their blending brushes. 
And because they had many different ones, 
I decided to try them all - 
So I got 2 of their classic blender natural brushes
2 of their classic blender synthetic brushes,
2 of their classic blender crease synthetic brushes,
and 3 of their pro blending fluff brushes.
I also threw in 2 of their classic shadow large synthetic brushes,
a classic buffer small synthetic brush
and a classic large synthetic brush 
(which I'm hoping is identical to the one in the 22 brush set.)
Oh and of course I HAD to get a backup of my 22 brush set -
which is my favourite brush set of all time!
Check out my old video review of it below!

 And onto other products I got.

Most of these products are meant for mixing with other products.
Well you can you them on their own, but I got them for mixing.

Except for the African black soap, of which I got a sample size for $0.40 just to try it out.
I must say that I think it's nice of coastal scents, and it totally encouraged to get products from this
Project Ghana range, through which you'll be able to help women and families in Ghana. Plus you're getting great quality products for your money. It's a win-win situation, really. READ ON HERE

Onto some insight on the products I got.

African black soap - this is supposed to be a very nice cleansing soap and effective for removing makeup, so I decided to get a sample size. I often get bored with skincare products, so I didn't want to get the whole thing. If I like it, I'll definitely order more in the future.

Virgin Coconut Oil - Coconut is famous for it's benefits both for skincare and for hair,
and I've been researching information to make my own diy stuff such as moisturisers and hair products and what not, and I will definitely be doing videos about those in the near future.

 Shea Oil - Like Shea butter and even more than shea butter,
 it's famous for its benefits for the skin and such, so definitely something I will be using for my diys.

Sweet Almond Oil - Great for hair and skin, so I threw this in too.

Black Colour Corrector - I got this because on the websites it says you can use it to darken foundations. And the NYX foundation (my HG foundation) doesn't come in many dark shades,
so I decided to get this to try out, so I'll have something for my darker clients.

And last but not least a fragrance oil - in cotton candy, again for my hair / skincare product mixtures.
I like sweet scents so I hope this one fits my bill.

In case you're wondering, The total order cost me some 81 euros which is a little over $105
including shipping costs which were $47. The order was $65 so as you can see, shipping kind of almost doubled the price. However, because there's a 50% going on at the moment, it's like getting
free shipping plus a little something extra knocked off the total price, which is very good,
and I've tried coastal scents before so my mind is rest assured that the products are of great quality.
The only issue would be customs now.
And that's bound to happen, even though last time I ordered I don't recall paying custom fees.

Again, I strongly recommend that 22 brush set, it's the best brush set you can get for that price,
plus you can get it with a 50% off till 2nd December.
Plus it's of amazing quality!

WEBSITE: www.coastalscents.com

- Dyna

 FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with the company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion .


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