I have been loving sharing my wishlists with you all - 
I always tend to wait for great promotional offers, 
like at least a 20% off or free shipping or something of the sort. 
I'm waiting for ELF to launch some of their new products,
I often buy because they often have a 50% off -
but these are items I have my eye on when they launch the products.

ELF healthy glow bronzing powder in luminance £1.50 

This is going to be a repurchase - and I have repurchased this thing before. 
It's one beautiful highlight in cheap packaging, 
but it's sooo worth getting. 
I actually forgot to add this to my cart the last time I placed my order - 
which is still on its way actually. 

ELF studio baked highlighter in Moonlight Pearls $3

This seems like it might be an amazing highlight, 
so why not - I'd love to try it out. 

ELF studio stipple brush travel set $15

I don't know why this is limited edition, 
it seems like it could potentially be a fab product. 
I hope it makes its way to the UK website asap. 

ELF studio precision liquid eyeliner $3

I' pretty sure I've seen some positive review on this and even thoguh I'm not a huge fan of ELF liners, 
I think I'll give this one a go. 

ELF HD studio lifting concealer in brightening $3

I don't know why I seem to always lure myself into buying ELF concealers, 
and most of the time they disappoint anyway. 
So I want to try this. 

ELF studio eye refresh $3 

I had this amazing eye refresher from Essence, which is no longer available, 
and I desperately want to find something similar, 
so I'd like to try something like it. 

ELF mineral infused primer in brightening lavender $6 

I missed it last time I was placing my order, so I'll definitely get my hands on it next time round. 

 That's it for this post!
and till the next.. take care!

 FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I am a 100% honest and I am not affiliated with the company.


  1. I've ordered the lavender primer to see if it is any good, hadn't seen the studio stipple brush travel set but it looks very interesting :)

    1. Oh how do you find it hun? X

    2. I tried the green correcting one and to be honest it didn't have any colour correcting properties. Just left my skin looking the same as it would with the clear primer. I will be reviewing the green and the lavender at some point once I have fully tried them out. But I don't have high hopes for them being colour corrective, I like the clear one though so I think they aren't awful but just not corrective :/

    3. Oh thank you for the help dear, I'll definitely check out your review first then x

  2. I just ordered all of the studio blushes to compare with Nars. For $3 it's a steal.

  3. During their 40% off sale a few days ago, I ordered a bunch of things. I was so bummed their large brush holder was sold out though! I actually really wanted that, lol.

    1. They're bound to have a 50% off here and then hun, so I wouldn't be surprised if you see it in stock with a 50% off promo code soon ;) x


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