MUA NEW Pro-Base Complexion Kit Review w/ Swatches !

I loved this concept of a portable palette with all your face products for travelling.
I got this complexion kit with a 50% off code
costing some £3 as opposed to the full price which is £6.


This comes with three face products -
and a sponge, which let's face it - I'll never use.
I got the shade nude and it suits me quite well.
It comes with a foundation, concealer and a highlight.
Cream Foundation - is nice and creamy but requires setting. Medium Coverage. Slightly orange- toned.
Concealer - is nice and creamy, but is almost identical to the cream foundation - even shade-wise - but with a yellow undertone instead. Medium coverage, too.
Cream Highlight - I don't tend to like cream highlights - it's pink toned and sheer.  I would have preferred a setting powder instead of this one. I don't like it.

Foundation, Concealer, Highlight



Even though this is not the best shot ever - I used it here.



I like it  but I'm not in love or wowed by it-  the concealer could have been a bit more pigmented and lighter for a brighter look. And I don't like the cream highlight, so I have no use for it. Other than that it's a nice concept and I quite like it. I wouldn't repurchase, if I had to be honest.

That's it for this post!
and till the next.. take care!
 FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with the company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion.


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