I have been loving sharing my wishlists with you all - 
I always tend to wait for great promotional offers, 
like at least a 20% off or free shipping or something of the sort. 
I'm waiting for a 50% OFF from MUA to be honest, 
They've already had 20% off - and I have a feeling they'll have a 50% off soon, 
which is why I won't make my order now. 
Because if I order with a 20% off, and they launch a 50% off a couple days later, 
I'll freak out. 

Let's start with the lip stuff I want.

MUA fashionista lipstick in buff, baby doll pink £3

I don't quite like the packaging, at least from what I've seen. 
But I've seen some swatches and these two shades seem too gorgeous not to get.
I don't know if MUA is keeping the fashionista line, it seems like they haven't restocked items that went out of stock ages ago. 
I also want to try one of their fashionista foundations and a primer of theirs, if they're still going to stock this line. 

MUA matte lipsticks in pouty pink, peachy keen and scarlet red. £1.50

These matte lispticks are fairly new, and from reviews I've seen so far, these three shades seem to be just my shades. 

MUA luxe velvet lipsticks £3

Talk about limecrime-like velvetines!
I fancy all the shades - if I'm not mistaken there are 5 shades. 
And duh - I want them all. 
The shade names are criminal, funk, kooky, reckless and atomic. 

Onto more items I want. 

MUA pro base prime and conceal £1.50

I really want to give this one a go. Even though I have very low expectations because 
I don't think highly of MUA concealers already, but sure why not. 

MUA fashionista concealer in light £6

It's not really £6 - it's been discounted to £1.50 for  while.
The packaging lures me and I would love to give this a go. 

MUA undress your skin highlighting powder £3

I've seen swatches - it looks great..
I've been wanting this ever since it came out. 
But it was out of stock for a long time
so I haven't had any luck. 

MUA blusher and contouring brush F6

I love trying out new brushes. 
I have a couple from MUA and this was out of stock when I last placed my order. 
It seems like it could potentially be a good contouring brush, 
so I'll definitely try to get my hands on it. 

MUA blending brush E3

This brush I've wanted for the longest time. I actually managed to order two of these
but they never made it to my package. 
My heart is broken, but I'll live, and I shall get my hands on it!

MUA eyebrow pencil in blonde £1.50

I'm dumb, I'm stupid and why the heck didn't I get a back up of this in my last order. 
I'll have to order like 10 of these. Either the MUA or the VIVO one because I'm running out. 

MUA nail polishes in amaretto crush, deepest purple, frozen yogurt £1 each

Honestly, had they not changed the packaging I would have never tried another MUA polish. 
but these seem so cool and Essie like, they derserve a shot.

 MUA luxe power brow in light

Another new product from MUA.
I love their regular blonde brow pencil so I desperately want to give this one a shot. 

MUA smokin palette

I heard great things about this, so I would love to try it out for myself. I actually won't be getting the matte one. I've seen a review on the Sunday Girl, and she hated it. And if she hates it, I know I will too. 

MUA undress me too palette

Basically it's meant to be a Naked 2 Urban Decay palette dupe. And since 
I'm such a cheapskate and won't buy the real deal (I'm not that lured, honestly)
I'd like to try this baby out instead. 

 That's it for this post!
and till the next.. take care!

 FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I am a 100% honest and I am not affiliated with the company.


  1. I recently got three of the velvet liquid lipsticks, they dry matte which is odd to get used to. Quite long lasting though, I got the red, purple and the orange and the orange is very vibrant!

    1. Oh that's what I really love about them that they dry matte - I love matte lipsticks but I can understand they're not for everyone x

  2. I love MUA I hope there 50% sale is soon

    Carrieanne x

  3. Omg, words cannot explain how much I want to buy their luxe velvet lipsticks!! I'm waiting for a big sale as well, hopefully they won't go out of stock immediately! I have the Undress me too and smoked palette (I've also reviewed them) and they are ah-mazing! Especially the smoked one, I love every single shade and the pigmentation is insane! The matte palette didn't impress me either.
    Let's hope MUA will take care of our pocket and place a 50% sale soon! :D


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