I know I'm late on posting my October Faves, 
but I continuously forget to post this thing.
I actually decided on my faves around two weeks ago, 
but I forgot to type out the post, 
and I forgot in the meantime. 

Anywho - these are my favourites for this month.


CAMAY shower gel in Creme Delice

Sadly, this is my very last time I will be mentioning this in a faves post. 
I think this got discontinued, as my local supermarket stopped stocking it. 
It's my ultimate favourite shower gel. It smells just like bubblegum,
is so nice to my skin, and it smells AMAZING. 
I ran out, and won't be able to repurchase. Sad, sad story, I know.

NIVEA SOS lip balm

I've said a billion times - this is my HG lip balm. 
It's in a lip gloss tube, but it immediately feels soothing on my dry chapped lips. 
I love it. And this month my lips have been crazy chapped so this came quite handy. 

MUA liptick in bare

BOY I love this lipstick. I'll have to repurchase a back up for sure, 
because I've used up so much of this one. 
It's just my perfect shade of nude. It's shimmerless and works with so many makeup looks. 

ELF lip exfoliator

This is one of my all time favourite ELF products. 
Seriously - this is a must have ! 
[Check out my video below for more ELF must haves.]
I actually got 6 back ups of this one. 
I like to use this back and forth to exfoliate my lips, apply lip balm, 
and the lip balm soaks right in. AMAZING

SOAP and GLORY Heel Genius

The lovely Wendy got this for me back when we did the swap - 
[you can check out the video below to see what I got]. 
This is an amazing foot cream, it moisturises feet like no tomorrow. 
I like to slather this on, wear socks and sleep with it on, 
my feet wake up [LOL I know, my feet don't actually wake up, but you get my drift]
feeling silky smooth. 

VIVO eyebrow pencil in light brown

I know this looks brand new in the photo - but I actually used the whole lot up. 
I love it and I adore it and I seriously need to get more of these. 
I'm waiting for a 50% off or something to order an insane number of these.

That's it for my favourite products.
I haven't been wearing all that much makeup recently,
 except for the one-offs when I get to dress up.
So not too many makeup favourites..

Hopefully I'll get to film my favourites soon,
I miss filming so bad, but hopefully I'll have plenty of time to bore you with my videos
soon :)


  FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with the company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion .


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