MUA Mosaic Bronzer in Natural Glow | Review w/ Swatches !

Allow me to blow your brains with another MUA review. 
And this is a good one!




This is a great bronzer for fair ladies. It seems to have like a frosty finish, 
but it doesn't
When swatched it has more of a satin finish, which is beautiful. 
It has a golden undertone to it, which is also beautiful. 
But this is not only suitable for fair ladies - 
I personally love using this all over my face to add some colour and boost my complexion. 
It comes with individual shades - 
and I don't know how but I managed to swatch them individually.
In real life though, I can't imagine anyone using them individually because they're so tiny.
So I like to mix all of the shades together for a perfect glow. 

used MUA's mosaic bronzer here

Used MUA's mosaic bronzer in this tutorial :



I love this bronzer! I adore using this all over my face 
and it would be a great bronzer for pale ladies to use for contouring too!

I got this for £1.75 because I got this with the 50% OFF but it originally costs £2.50 from 
Check out their fanpage HERE for promotional offers and updates!
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