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A Coconut Milkshake-Scented Body Lotion | I'M SOLD! - But is it as good as it smells?

HEY DOLLS ! I recently came across this brand INECTO,  It's sold at Homemate (Malta),  and they carry a fair amount of products that are from a PURE COCONUT  and a PURE ARGAN range.

I actually got some from both ranges. I haven't really used any of the other products,  but I've used this one for quite some time now. 
Reason being is that - the other products are shampoos / conditioners / shower gels,  so I need to wait till I use up some of my older ones,  otherwise I'll fill my shower area with products.

This product is a "moisture creme", and honestly I've never quite anything like it.  It has this whipped cream-like consistency (which makes you want to play with the thing all day).  It kind of makes you want to use more of the product,  and not only do you not need that,  but it's a waste when you do because this product in particular doesn't build up nicely on the skin. You'll need to use very little, because when you do use a lot,  it e…

BARRY M Fine Glitter Dust #19 | Review w/ Swatches !

HEY DOLLS! I hope you're all having a great day.  I'm actually wide awake at night as I'm typing this review.  And there's a voice behind my head telling me  I shouldn't have taken a nap this afternoon.

Anyway -  I got this product from the sweetest blogger ever, Nina - whose blog you can check out HERE ABOUT THE PRODUCT This product claims it's not safe to use on the eyes,  which I find so stupid.  Why would a pigment not be suitable for eyes -  and a pigment of that shade.  I can't use it as a blush / bronzer.  I can only pretty much use it for artistic looks.  Or use it anyway on the eyes - which I did.  I didn't have any reactions to it, but I'm not saying you should use it too.  I actually found it a tad too powdery as an eyeshadow - it's a loose pigment after all. It's very pigmented, so that's good.  And the shade is a beautiful metallic blue with sparkle and glitter.  

BOTTOM LINE I wouldn't exactly recommend it, because i…

Lipstick Diares 62 | Wjcon #702 | Goth Purple Lips !

HEY DOLLS -  I could've sworn I already posted this FOTD -  but I didn't -  shame on me, I know.  I actually looved this look -  and I was like 38 weeks pregnant when I wore this look. 
I am a huuuge fan of purple lips,  and when I found out WJCON had this fab colour I just had to get it -  I paired it with some dramatic falsies and that's about it. 

FACE No7 BB cream in medium* MUA cover and conceal in fair NYC bronzer in sunny Catrice defining blush in Toffee Fairy NYX mosaic blush in highlight*
EYES ELF mineral eyeshadow primer Bourjois eyeshadow in 02 maxi blanc VIVO colour block eyeshadow palette in dreamy - clay, night, tease, clay Falsies 906, 118 Duo eyelash adhesive in waterproof Avon supershock mascara Covergirl lash blast mascara in very black in waterproof
EYEBROWS VIVO eyebrow pencil in light brown Catrice lash brow designer*
LIPS WJCON Double Gloss in #702
*pr products / gifts
Hope you like it !   That's it for this post!
and till the next.. take care…

REVIEW | ESSENCE studio nails pro white nail hardener !

HEY DOLLS! I sort of already mentioned this product on my blog.  Back when I reviewed another Essence nail hardener,  I said I think I prefer this one.  but I change my mind rather easily - did I this time?

ABOUT THE PRODUCT  This product DOES make your nails look whiter, brighter and healthier,  but it gives the pink area of the nails a slight purpley tint,  which I don't find sick-looking or anything.  As with any other nail product, whenever I have this on,  I don't bite my nails that often.  And I've found my nails look uber healthy when I have this on.  The one thing I don't like is that whenever I wash the dishes or hair and use hot water -  - Yes, I know what you're thinking -  I should wash my hair with warm water not hot.  But don't try to convince me otherwise.  Anyway - I was saying -  Whenever I wash the dishes or wash my hair, I find this peels right off,  so I'd have to reapply.  It is also pretty nice to use as a base coat.


VIVO Matte Lipstick in Naturally Nude | Review w/ Swatches !

HEY DOLLS! A couple of months ago I discovered VIVO cosmetics,  the underrated sister brand of MUA.  VIVO cosmetics is the better version of MUA,  in my opinion.  Generally speaking, the packaging's better,  the quality is a tad better and the colour selection is more my style than MUA.  I love MUA, don't get me wrong, but I think VIVO is a tad better. 

ABOUT THE PRODUCT I absolutely adore VIVO lip products.  They have so many gorgeous shades at a fantastic price and of great quality..  I'm just amazed. And they recently launched new shades.  This lipstick is from their matte line,  which is basically a bit less creamy and a bit more pigmented than their regular line.  The shade is a shimmerless light nude shade that leans on the pink side.  If you're a pale / fair skintone this would probably suit you better.  I'm more of a light-medium skintone and on its own it can look a tad too light.  The texture is so wearable though, that if paired with the right makeup, i…

NIVEA Pure and Natural Night Regenerating Cream | Review!

HEY DOLLS! After testing out Nivea's night regenerating cream for dry and sensitive skin, I decided to try this one out because my good friend Nina loves this moisturiser. I was hoping it was as good as the other one minus the annoying male-aftershave-like scent.

ABOUT THE PRODUCT It's unscented which is good, and packaging is nice. It contains 50ml of product, which is not a lot, but it still lasts a fairly long time. I don't really find the formula that moisturising. The other Nivea night regenerating cream was AMAZING at rehydrating the skin. This one seems like a light moisturiser. Too much water in the formula too - it feels too light to be a regenerating night cream.
BOTTOM LINE Even though I'm desperately trying to use this up, I don't like it. I wanted a regenerating night cream and got a light moisturiser instead. I don't recommend it - and I'm sticking to my other Nivea regenerating night cream for dry/sensitive skin.
 That's it for this p…

REVIEW | Beauty Formulas Cucumber & Avocado Facial Scrub !

HEY DOLLS! I have been trying out a lot of these Beauty Formulas products.  I will be doing an overall type of video review of the brand when I'm back to filming.. which will happen in a few weeks from now.  I can't wait - but till then...

I got this Avocado Facial Scrub a few months ago.  This was dirt cheap for a scrub, probably hitting the 3-4 euro mark.  It's not a bad scrub at all.  However, I much prefer my St Ives Apricot scrub  because that one is loaded with granules that exfoliate your skin so I feel that one does a better job.  It's not a bad scrub at all, though.  I actually quite enjoy using it.  It does have a refreshing scent too it  but is not too strong or overly scented.

BOTTOM LINE A good scrub, I wouldn't repurchase though.  I would rather stick to my St Ives one.
That's it for this post!
and till the next.. take care!

 FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my person…

MUA NEW F1 Foundation Brush | Review !

MUA recently launched their own brush line  nd with their 50% OFF I managed to get 3 of their brushes in stock. 
This is their foundation brush. ABOUT THE PRODUCT They have glossy wands,  and the softness and make reminds me of my ELF studio brushes.  This foundation brush is quite stiff to be used for foundation,
but that's probably because I prefer stipple brushes
to apply my foundation.
But it did quite a fine job at applying my cream foundation
(MUA pro base palette)
I generally prefer using this for concealer.

BOTTOM LINE I don't reach for this that often,  but it's a pretty good brush.  I love using this for applying my concealer.
I got this for £1.50 because I got this with the 50% OFF but it originally costs £3 from  Check out their fanpage HERE for promotional offers and updates! That's it for this post!
and till the next.. take care!

 FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself …

MUA intense eyeliner in jet black | review w/ swatches !

As you probably know,
I got so many MUA products with their promotional codes..
and these liners have been in my collection for a few months now -
and I have had the opportunity to test them out fully

Here's what I think -

ABOUT THE PRODUCT Sleek, nice packaging. Sharpener is built-in in the cap,
which could be a disadvantage
because it may lead to the eyeliner drying up.
 The actual eyeliner is creamy and quite pigmented.
It needs setting, so it is not longlasting on its own,
but they're great to be used as bases, which is what I bought them for.
 It does draw on the waterline, but doesn't last due to the creaminess. 

BOTTOM LINE A great eyeliner to use as a base or to powder,
it's quite creamy,
and they have some really nice colours to choose from.
If you're looking for bases / looking for a cheap eyeliner
which you won't mind powdering.

I hope this somehow helps.  Remember - make up is art If you think you can rock it don't let anyone tell…

REVIEW ! PALMER'S Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Cream For Stretchmarks !


I know everyone wants someone to swear by a certain product for not getting stretchmarks or for making all their stretchmarks disappear.  This is not going to be that post.  I honestly don't believe there's anything you can do to prevent your stretchmarks,  or to minimise the way they look.  I believe you can cover them, but I honestly don't believe that products can heal the skin that suffered from stretchmarks.  So why do I buy anti-stretchmark cream, you might ask? Because I am that crazy.  I apply products I am skeptical about and use them up.  I continuously buy more products and I don't believe they work, regardless.

I actually started getting stretchmarks when I was using this stretchmark cream.  But I don't blame it.  My body was growing at a fast pace,  I hardly believe any product could have prevented stretchmarks from happening.  I have stretchmarks on my bust and thighs - but mainly on my left side.  Which brings me to the next point.

I alwa…

MUA Alexandra Burke Lip Boom in LMK | review w/ swatches !

As you probably know,  Quite recently, I made 3 different purchases from MUA back when they had the offers going on which I hauled in the video below:

 Anyway, this lip boom was in the first order that I made.

This is one of the products from MUA that used to lure me,  and yet push me away. Two reasons:  WANT the lipstick HATE the gloss I know, I know,  How could I know? When I hadn't even tried it.  Well - I had looked up swatches,  and the gloss has glitter / shimmer in it, which, I hate in my lipsticks / glosses.

ABOUT THE PRODUCT So it's not rocket science to know these are dual ended.  One end has a lipstick, the other has a gloss. The lipsticks are semi-matte, but still apply very creamy on the lips.  Again, I don't care for the gloss, but I should tell you,  the glosses are not unique for every lipstick,  it's duplicated in the lipsticks, for example and O.M.G have the same lipgloss.  The glosses have a gritty texture.  But trust me, they'…