LIPSTICK DIARIES 65 | TonTon Lipstick | Daytime Soft Smokey Eye + Peachy Pink Lips !

This FOTD is from my very last days of pregnancy, 
Aicha's going to be 4 weeks old tomorrow - 
so this is a rather old FOTD. 
I haven't really found time to make new FOTDs. 
Honestly - I never thought it was this time consuming to have a newborn. 
Here I am thinking today I'll have a decent relaxing shower and 
BAM as soon as I take my clothes off Aicha starts screaming her lungs out, 
so I had to shower with intervals if that makes sense - 
I had to shampoo my hair in the sink, then cuddle her a bit, 
 then rinse my hair and put conditioner, cuddle her some more, 
then shower, and I was basically sweating again by the time I was supposed to be ready. 
She's sleeping on my lap at the moment, so if you're wondering how I'm finding time t type this - 
that's why. 
I got 3.5 hours of sleep last night, because that's how much she slept, 
which is not bad compared to the sleepless night of the night before. 
If you've got tips on how to put a baby to sleep at night let me know, 
because Aicha seems to love keeping mummy awake. 
The first couple of nights were tough, 
I love my sleep, and I rather give up all my makeup for sleep..
- maybe not ALL of it -
so I don't enjoy feeling like a zombie all the time. 
I put on my makeup with her on my lap 
and brush my teeth while holding her
because it's either that way or nothing. 
She doesn't enjoy sleeping in her cot alone, 
poor thing, she likes to feel cuddled and loved, 
but it's virtually impossible to do anything anymore. 
She did sleep for long hours when we took her out for long walks, 
and she sleeps like a baby in the car (duh! - she IS a baby)
but when it comes to sleeping at night..
let's just say she doesn't quite enjoy it as much as mummy. 
Anywho because I'm rambling a lot. 
This is my long overdue lipstick diaries!


Essence BB cream in 01 universal
ELF complexion perfection
Essence soft touch mousse makeup in 04 matt ivory
NYC bronzer in sunny
ELF studio cool bronzer


WnW Greed 8 pan eyeshadow palette
Catrice precision eye pencils in blackstreet boy and silver stallone
Avon supershock mascara
Essence blackest black mascara
Essence multi action mascara
Covergirl lash blast mascara in very black


Essence eyebrow stylist
Catrice lash brow dedigner


TONTON Luxury Temptation Moisture Lip Balm T904 #2 from*

*pr sample

 That's it for this post!
and till the next.. take care!

 FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with the company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion.


  1. Sleep when the baby sleeps; do not use her nap time to catch up on chores etc., until she sleeps through the night you need to allow yourself to let somethings go, it will be temporary. Try to get baby to take 2 naps /day and bedtime around 7:30.,then her 1st wake will be before MN. When she wakes in middle of night keep everything business-like, no playing,talking or singing. She will start to understand this is not playtime. best of wishes


    1. Oh I need all the luck I can get thanks! - will definitely try that out x


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