Fate of the Cursed: Products I have to finish !


I have so many products I want to finish
I have decided I need to force myself into finishing them. 

Do you remember Project Pan? 
Now that's so two-years ago. 
So I decided to name this series Fate of the Cursed - 
the cursed are the products that I've chosen and it's their fate to get finished. 
And when they do get finished, I get to treat myself to 10 new products. 
See now that's self-control. 
 And I bet you I'm going to make it my life's mission to finish them so I can get my 10 new products. 

The 10 products I've chosen are makeup, skincare and hair products, 
but the 10 replacement items can be all makeup, all hair or all skincare. 
In the meantime I won't allow myself to make purchases, 
unless there's like a great deal I can't pass on 
or I seriously need to get a shampoo or something. 

Now in a month from now, 
I'll do an update - it will probably be in a video form, 
because as you might know I'll be shifting to youtube real soon, 
this blog will still be up - and I'll continue blogging but I'll post lots more on there, 
up to 6 videos per week!

 here are my 10 Cursed Products:

- PS. I've made it a little easy on myself this time, 
I'm featuring products I'm close to using up so that I encourage myself to do this every so often.

MUA Hide and Conceal in Fair

I don't necessarily love this concealer but it's usable and I'm slowly using this up.
I apply this under my bb creams to make the bb cream shade lighter now
that it's winter and I'm much lighter. 
I don't quite like it as a concealer anymore, 
it doesn't stay put all day on my under eyes
 and it doesn't cover my dark under eye circles that well. 

ELF lip exfoliator

I have 6 backups of this thing and I love it -
it makes my peeling lips feel nice ans smooth again. 
And when my lips are chapped, and I apply chapstick straight after 
it honestly makes the lip balm sink right in. 

Essence BB cream in 01 universal

I quite like this BB cream, 
it has an orange undertone which I'm not sure I like, 
but it makes my face look flawless on a daily basis

Good Things Fresh Start Creamy Cleanser

I love this cleanser - I use it to remove my makeup at the end of the day, 
and it does a fine job. Last bit left now. 

Tres Emme Split Remedy Leave in Conditioner

Almost gone now, this is one of the products that helped save my dry hair
when I decided to go brunette again.
Scooping the last bit out now. 

ELF complexion perfection

I have some powder left round the edges but I want to see a full pan gone.

Catrice lash brow designer

This is the one product I honestly want to toss off. 
I mean it works initially but in 5 minutes my brows become unruly again,
it's like putting water on my brows.
But I guess I'll try using this thing up. 

No7 BB cream in medium

Ah this is a lovely BB cream. 
I want to use this up to move on to try other BB creams, really. 
But it's kept me happy for quite a while.

Skin food avocado leave in hair treatment

Another product that has saved my dry hair when I went brunette.
Quite some product left in this one. 

Essence walk in the summer rain small perfume

A few spritz left.
I don't wear perfume that often, 
but this is one I like. 
I already have the full size but I want to use this small one up. 

That's it!
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and stay tuned dolls!




  1. I do this too! I write a list with 10 products, I usually manage to finish about half of them but hey, this is better than nothing, right? LOL Maybe you can keep your 10 products wishlist in the same post, you know to motivate you. I think I'll do the same next time!

    1. I was going to do that but my wishlists change so much ! LOL
      Ffinishing half of them is still good. Even though my products are not new and I'm way past mid-way into using them - it kind of tough to use a product fully up.


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