How to turn any BORING polish into a VA-VA-VOOM shade!

Catrice launched a few more nail polish shades, and by few, 
I mean LOADS!
this is one of them - it's 57 KARL SAYS TRES CHIC. 

It's a nude pink shade, but I'm not a huge fan. 
Unless layered with something else, 
this shade looks so boring on my nails. 

SO I topped it off with this AMAZING nail polish from Catrice, 
again ANOTHER new one, 
it's in the Crushed Crystals range, and its name is 05 STARDUST. 

It's such a gorgeous shade - and that - right there is JUST one layer.
JUST ONE over that boring pink shade. 

As with all Catrice nail polishes, they last a couple of days. 
But that topper polish makes everything so unforgiving. 
If it's chipping - no one will care! 

I'll post photos of the other one I got with the topper on top tomorrow - 
because I forgot to put the photos in my laptop and 
I can't be bothered to get up at the moment. 
Don't try to understand the postpartum female mind. 

Anywho - What do you think?
Does that topper look gorgeous OR WHAT!

- Dyna


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