Thursday, March 27, 2014

BLOGGERS.. DON'T be stupid. DON'T fall for it.

A company you've never heard of contacts you telling you 
that you've been chosen to be a contributor on one's website.

You've just started blogging and you're like 
"WOAHH - I am getting recognised as a blogger"

That means you are giving them your material freely, 
in exchange for what, exactly?
Because their website is not established yet 
so they don't have any constant readership, 
so you do not get traffic on your own blog.

So you little missy you -
are doing work you should get paid for.
YES. and you're doing it for free. 

 And what are they getting?
Good content, because they can't be bothered to write up their own. 
Traffic from your own website, or social networks, 
because you share the article you wrote on their website on your networks.
Paid Advertising because they get people to advertise on the website that YOU help enrich with content.

Don't fall for it.
Unless they show you evidence of their stats and analytics
 on how much feed they truly get.
Don't sell yourself cheap.

P.S. I'm not down-talking anyone. I HAVE fallen for it.
I WAS stupid too.


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Monday, March 24, 2014

MAKEUP LOOK! Teal eyes - Orange lips!

I have a makeup look today that I did last weekend. 
It's fun, it's colorful and I hope you like it.. 
What I used is listed below!


NYX pore filler
NYX HD foundation in 04 sand beige
ELF cover everything concealer in corrective yellow
Essence longlasting 16 hr concealer in 010
MUA bronzed perfection
Kleancolor mschick blush in tangerine
Essence beauty beats shimmering powder*


Wjcon LE luxury revolution eyeshadow palette
Catrice LE jumbo eye shadow pencil -birds flyig high *
ELF longlasting lustrous shadows - confetti and party?
ELF Glitter primer
Born pretty store - blue glitter and copper glitter*
Essence longlasting eye pencil in blackk fever
Klancolor americon eyedol shadow in matte blue
Kleancolor aytomatic eye pencil in silver blue 
Catrice eyebrow highlight*
Catrice highlighter pen*
Maybelline the rocket mascara
Stardel lashes SF415


VIVO eyebrow pencil in light brown
Essence lash brow clear mascara


Kleancolor everlasting lipstick in redwood
Kleancolor mschick blush in tangerine


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

MY MAKEUP TROLLEY ! #makeuproomsneakpeek

I am OBSESSED with anything zebra print!
OBSESSED, I tell you. 
And when I wanted to get a makeup trolley, 
and came across this zebra trolley 
I HAD to get it.

I'm not sure how much it cost me - I'm pretty sure it cost me more than 150 eur 
with taxes and shipping and everything, 
but it's my pride and joy and it beautifies my makeup room. 


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

CATRICE 8hr lip cream in Megan Fuchsia - after 8 hours of wear time!

So I know you're wondering how this awesome lip shade lasts ..

and here are my lips after 8 hours of wear - I was drinking and eating and nibbling throughout those 8 hours, bear in mind. 
Pretty impressive if you ask me. 
it doesn't fade equally - so if you have dry lips - the stain will accentuate that. 
Obviously it wasn't glossy anymore, but it left a beautiful stain. 
 so if you don't like reapplying - 
this is SO your thing!

VIVO cosmetics tiny teeny HAUL ! --DYNA

MY ZEBRA PRINT STORAGE BOXES ! #makeuproomsneakpeek

 I loooooove zebra print. 
I LOVE it. 
It's such a fun and modern print, I adore it.
And so when I saw these storage boxes things at JB stores I HAD to get them. 
I have two of them and you can even sit on them - they're safe, 
tried and tested. 

I throw in my empties in them and you can even check them out in two of my latest videos below!