BLOGGERS.. DON'T be stupid. DON'T fall for it.

A company you've never heard of contacts you telling you 
that you've been chosen to be a contributor on one's website.

You've just started blogging and you're like 
"WOAHH - I am getting recognised as a blogger"

That means you are giving them your material freely, 
in exchange for what, exactly?
Because their website is not established yet 
so they don't have any constant readership, 
so you do not get traffic on your own blog.

So you little missy you -
are doing work you should get paid for.
YES. and you're doing it for free. 

 And what are they getting?
Good content, because they can't be bothered to write up their own. 
Traffic from your own website, or social networks, 
because you share the article you wrote on their website on your networks.
Paid Advertising because they get people to advertise on the website that YOU help enrich with content.

Don't fall for it.
Unless they show you evidence of their stats and analytics
 on how much feed they truly get.
Don't sell yourself cheap.

P.S. I'm not down-talking anyone. I HAVE fallen for it.
I WAS stupid too.



  1. Aww sorry to hear that :( thanks for reminding us.
    This reminds me to be more careful..

  2. It happened to us (us=greek breauty bloggers) too. A new website contacted many of us to write in it for free. A couple girls agreed and not only they never paid them or sent them products or anything but they stole more posts/vids from their blogs/channels than they had agreed! Luckily, I've been warned and didn't fell for it but I can understand how a new blogger would fall. Communication among bloggers is very important!


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