I hereby declare..

I've never quite gone on a makeup ban,
and whilst I spend more money on makeup than your average person,
I don't spend any money on pretty much anything else.
I wear dresses over and over again
and shoes and what not,
and I don't often buy clothing items.

BUT. for the time being,
(and I can't believe I'm saying this)
I don't think I need any more makeup.
I'm good with what I've got.
So I'm going to give myself till the end of May to see if I kept it.
And I will be filming a makeup collection video
- I know - I know-
But - it's going to happen sometime soon ,
I promise !

Will write again at the end of the month and let you guys know,
how things went on.

And so far. Today KIKO issued a 20% off and MANAGED TO say no.
*awaits for applause*

Anywho - will let you guys know!



  1. Haha good luck with it! I am trying to get my self on a spending ban but while I manage not placing online orders, I can't stop buy at least one makeup item when I see a good discount in shops

  2. Good luck Dyna, you can do it :-) xx


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