Someone asked me why my nails look SO perfect and square like all the time. The thing is I am QUEEN OF NAILZ and I never have a nail break on me. I don't bite my nails and I am perfect. #JUSKIDDING

These are my natural nails after spending a few days without glue ons.
I can't help but bite my nails so I DID end up putting glue ons back on.

I have been wearing glue ons since last February - and if my calculations are correct - that's over 7 months.

My nails still are healthy and my nail polish stays put for like 10-14 days until I take the glue ons off and put on new ones which is SUCH a time saver. I don't like the glue that it comes with. I much prefer a Wurth super glue which I have been using for years. The nailene one is not bad but the thing is that the Wurth one dries WAY faster and leaves less residue than the Nailene one. I get my Wurth glue from an ironmongery shop because that's how I roll.

 And DON'T tell I shouldn't use that glue because I have been. And my nails are perfectly fine. With the Nailene one they started chipping kind of layery and all. So FANKS for your suggestion not to use it but I will continue to use it because it works for MAH-SELF.

I currently use the Nailene Petite Square (which work way better for me, they are shorter than the Active Square ( and much more practical) and they are smaller in size so I waste less.) I used to use the Nailene Active Square. I like those too but I am loving the shorter nails lately. Both can be found in local pharmacies but to be honest I haven't had luck seeing them in pharmacies I've visited so I just got mine online. If anyone knows who stocks these permanently do let me know - and save me the hassle of finding one that doesn't have a rip-off price off ebay. P.S. I had filmed a tutorial on how I applied my Active Squares here ->

And before some people get their panties in a twist. This is your disclaimer. I am not a nail tech. Not pretending to be one. These tips I am passing on to you because they work for me. My nails are the healthiest they've been.

I hope this answers all the questions I get about my nails and everytime I get a comment I feel like screaming out these tips to all of you, because, you know - I guess it's my BEAUTY SECRET. #wellnomore



HERE are two photos with swatches (is that a swatch - really Dyna?) of the Nailene petite quares vs Active Squares for you to see what the difference is. Not huge is you ask me.

But if you have tinier nails / prefer shorter nails the PETITE SQUARE are better for you.
For longer and bigger nails - ACTIVE SQUARE are better.

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  1. WOW - I was just browsing through & stumbled upon your lovely blog - It looks gorgeous and it has interesting posts that I can relate to. I'm now following you via gfc, Hope you check out my blog? keep in touch love x

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