FACE TRIMMING and the no-cutting-your-face-method when SHAVING your FACE.

Before we get to focus on the whole -Dyna-back-to-blogging-thing and why I am doing this.. 

Face Shaving is indeed a thing. 
I do it, have been doing it for some three years now. 
I have learnt though 
- that it's SO easy to mess up and cut your nose and bits of your skin when using eyebrow razors. 

So today I have a solution, FACE TRIMMING. 
It's essentially same thing, except your trimming not actually shaving your facial hair off, 
as close to the skin as possible. 
Sure - face shaving can make a while longer for hair to grow back, 
but I don't mind doing this every two weeks or so since it's so effective and 
I don't need to worry about cuts anymore. 

I filmed a video about this JUST last Sunday - so if you feel like it - go take a peek.

NOW. Onto more important agenda. 
Why I'm back to blogging.. 
and what the hell am I doing here.. 
I'm going to type out a blogpost on my personal blog so feel free to check it out over HERE

In the meantime. 

- Dyna 


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