RANT / UPDATE | Youtube deleted my videos !

SOOOO today I'm going to talk about all of the issues I have been having with youtube. I didn't want to sound as if I am dissing youtube. I get it, I should have been more careful with what I was doing, I did what I don't recommend anyone to do. I used to see bigger youtuber insert tags in their description bar (which I now learnt is against the rules). And I also had a set tags for all my videos I would copy and paste (which is wrong, IF the tags are not specifically related to that particular video.) Learn from my mistakes and don't do something just because it's been done ten thousand times because youtube has been doing clean ups and taking down all videos that didn't meet such rules. I do think it's unfair that youtube is taking down videos after they just so happened to be successful after months of upload. I would have wished they would put our videos on hold until we fix those issues. I find it a bit intense that the videos were straight up deleted when all we were doing was put tags or keywords in the description bar or put tags that are related to our channel but not specifically to that video, I don't think it's that much of a big deal. I mean, yes, rules should be followed but deleting videos is a bit harsh. I'm not here to argue though, it's just sharing my opinion. 

I do feel like youtube is focusing on the wrong people. As a content creator who creates original content, I feel like it's somewhat unfair that there are people on youtube straight up taking someone else's videos (like I have happening to me - btw video has since been deleted but their channel is still running). I find it ironic that people on youtube literally breaking the law and copying and reproducing videos that are not their own and republishing them are treated just the way I am treated over putting a couple of words in my description bar or a couple of unrelated tags that are still related to my channel in the downbar. 

All of the reasons as stated in the email is the following "One or more of your videos was removed by the YouTube team for violating our community guidelines" and when I click on those videos now it says "This video has been removed as a violation of Youtube's policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content." Also I am very thankful I have not received any strikes because that's what I was REALLY scared of, that and them closing my channel.

I have had 9 videos taken down so far. 1 of which over keywords in the description bar, 7 of which over the set tags in the description bar, and one of which I feel like is TOTALLY unfair because the set keywords that were placed in the downbar of the video were meant to help people find the product I was talking in the video when searching on ebay. 

None of the videos have been recovered since. 
I have decided to refilm all of the videos that were affected with better quality. 
I had 6 Makeup Revolution videos, the corals ebay lip lacquers video and the photography makeup video. 
I have decided against filming the Essence haul video because it's been months and I don't even have record of what I bought then.
These videos are going up as bonus videos - 
so aside from my Tuesday - Thursday - Sunday uploads, 
there will also be a bonus video, probably on a Friday, or Monday. 

I hope this will be the last time I talk about this, and I'm going to try and make a good thing out of all of this and refilm those videos with better quality, but I wanted to let you know why you will be seeing videos I have already filmed refilmed loves! x Have a very fab day!

- DYNA ♥


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