10 FOUNDATION HACKS For a Flawless Face // FREE Online Makeup Lessons 10...

10 FOUNDATION HACKS For a Flawless Face // FREE Online Makeup Lessons 101 // DYNA 

Today I have a bunch of foundation hacks, tips and tricks for ALL skin types. I wanted to include more informative videos so I have started these Makeup Lectures teaching all that I have learned when it comes to makeup over the years. So Take this as a FREE makeup lesson if you will - LOTS more to come!


#1 How to ADD coverage to your foundation.

If your foundation is too sheer or doesn’t cover enough, all you’d need to do is mix a bit of concealer with the foundation before you apply it. It would have to me of the same formula : I used a liquid foundation (Catrice nude illusion) and a liquid concealer (LA girl HD concealer).

#2 How to SHEER your foundation and make it look more natural

To decrease the coverage from your foundation all you’d need to do is mix it with moisturiser. I used the Jordana 2 in 1 foundation and concealer maximum coverage and the Good things moisturiser. I mixed them at the back of my hand then applied it to my face as normal. The more moisturiser you add, the less it covers. If you mix A LOT of moisturiser it would turn it into a tinted moisturiser as opposed to a sheer foundation.

#3 How to get the PERFECT shade in foundation / how to darken / lighten your foundation.

Mixing your foundation with a darker foundation colour will darken it out and mixing it with a lighter foundation will lighten it up. You can also use a concealer, but because concealer is typically more pigmented apply less and then apply more if you’d need to. It’s better to mix at the back of your hand so you don’t get streaks on your face.

#4 How to make full coverage foundation look more natural

To make your foundation look more natural it’s best to apply your makeup with a damp sponge. Real Techniques miracle sponge is absolutely fab!

#5 How to fix a foundation that is too dry and stop your foundation from clinging to dry patches (for dry skin).

Here’s the fix - use an oil as a base for your foundation, but apply very little. Rosehip seed oil is absolutely fab for this step. And then you apply foundation as normal. I used the Catrice 12 hour matte mousse makeup 010 soft ivory and the Handmade Naturals roll up tube with rosehip seed oil, jojoba oil and wheatgerm oil*

#6 Oil-control / How to make your foundation last longer (Oily Skin)

This is the drill. Apply translucent powder before your foundation so that the translucent powder absorbs the natural oils and then apply your foundation on top. And yes you can apply translucent powder on top of the foundation to help with oil control as well.

I used the Essence translucent powder and the NYX HD foundation for this step.

#7 Full Coverage Foundation, or Foundation + Concealer (For Problematic skin, discoloration and spots.)

Some people struggle whether to apply full coverage foundation or foundation + concealer when they have areas they’d need to cover. In my opinion, it’s best to use a medium coverage foundation and a full coverage concealer so that you get the utmost natural look.

#8 Foundation before or after concealer? (For Problematic skin, discoloration and spots.)

The struggle is REAL. When to apply foundation, first or second? It all depends on whether your concealer matches your foundation (which is very tough to have). When it comes to my under eyes I like to apply it after so that way I can see where I really need to cover and not apply excess product because foundation does cover quite enough - but that’s because the concealer I use under my eyes is lighter than my foundation (different shade). Now if you’re hiding a pimple or a problem area, you’d want it to blend with the rest of your foundation so unless it matches a 100% with your foundation, apply it before your foundation so that the foundation will blend the concealer with the rest of your face.

#9 The tapping / patting method - applying your foundation with a tapping motion will cover more

It’s very important to tap the product on your face so that you’d get the utmost coverage; if you drag it around you’re going to lose a lot of the coverage.

#10 How to stop your foundation from accentuating wrinkles

The best way to not get foundation deposit in your wrinkles (which accentuates your wrinkles) is to remove your foundation and blend.

P.S. Remember makeup is an ART so what might work for me might not work for you, but it never hurts to try something new!


Not a Sponsored video. * Products were sent for pr purposes but as always I'm a 100% honest.



Blink Farm Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6dqhcfNrKN01EDMB9bo_lw

HOVERBOOTS - One [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-nYQ0ZlfWc


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