My Dream Wedding Dress?

Hi guys!
I don't know if you know but I'm going to get married in 2018. 
Date is set and we've already booked our venue. 

Whilst it's too early to get it,
I've already started looking at Wedding Dresses HA!
That's so typical me!

I've learned I'm not the type of girl who wants a 
big, HUGE, HUMONGOUS wedding dress.
I want a simple one I can actually move in and feel comfortable in. 

Then I started looking at fabrics and jeez, let me tell you something. 
I think there's no argument here but I'm going to go for lace. 

Now when it comes to actually BUYING the dress. 
I'm not sure what I'm going to do. 
I might flip out the moment I see "the one" online (is there such a thing?)
or I might just prefer getting it in stores. 

I recently came across this great website Dressfashion and boy oh boy 
I'm in lace heaven. 
I don't necessarily like just one (typical me)
and I'm not sure of each one, 
I just want to take bits and pieces and jumble them up in one. 

Look at that fabric! 
I love the belt detail on this one, but I think I'd like something a little more elaborate. 
(Bear in mind I've started out saying I'd like a simple dress HAHA)

This is also something I'm considering, 
it's so classy looking, 
but I'm not sure if it's "me". 

Something I'm really considering is flaunting the back. 
Like, actually exposing my back and that sounds so revealing 
but look how classy this still looks.

Now regarding the tail... 
wait for it...

wait for it..

Not sure if that's an-annoying-to-walk in tail 
(hold up is it actually called a tail? Or did i just invent that?)
But OMG that is a GORGEOUS TAIL. 

I LOOOVE the lace fabric, but this one is too much lace for me,
(is there such a thing?)
I can't be a bunch of lace walking around.

I want long sleeves, but not long sleeves all covered,
 I want my hands to show like in here. 

 And the back to look like this. 
(except, maybe those dots that will further make my spine look even more bony)
but I want something to make my butt look more round, 
I'm squatting like a madman
so the dress better not make my butt look flat, 

This is going to be a fun journey, 
if you have any tips or recommendations 
please do let me know I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Dress Fashion has been kind enough to spare a 10% off for you awesome people
if you're shopping there : Use "Hotsale10"

*All photos are used with permission of 


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