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Common misconceptions about cooking oil

Release time:2015-01-12

  "Oil" is the food that we need to eat on daily basis. The scientific use of oil is vital to the health of human body and the misuse of oil over a long period a time may even cause cancer. Experts provide the following practical suggestions regarding the misuse of oil issues.

Myth 1: high temperature cooking

  Many people like to cook under high temperature, and have the habit of put ingredients into the pot while oil has smoke coming out. it is unscientific. High temperature will not only destroy the food nutrients, also can produce some peroxides and carcinogenic substances. The suggestion is you may heat the pot first, pour oil into the pot, then you can star cooking no more waiting until the oil smoke.

Myth 2: don't eat vegetable oils, or don't eat animal oil

  Not eating oil will cause vitamin deficiency and lack of essential fatty acids, which is harmful to body health. Only have vegetable oil and no animal oil is not health either. In certain doses, animal fat (saturated fatty acids) is beneficial to human body.

Myth 3: Only eat a single species of oil for a long time

  Currently, it is difficult for a family to use different types of oil while cooking different food. However we recommend to eat several edible oil alternatively having one type of oil for a period and another for another period of time, because it is not possible for one type of oil to contain all the oil composition that needed.

Myth 4: people with abnormal blood lipid and weight can eat the same oil with ordinary people

  For the people with abnormal blood lipid and weight, we suggest to choose vegetable oil with high monounsaturated fatty acids and control the using amount. People with normal blood lipids and weight should take the oil less than 25 grams per day and have the even amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acids.

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