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In recent years, the labor union assiduously implement the policy of “getting organized and protecting rights” and carry on the double-appraise activities about staff’s contribution to the group and the company’s supporting for the faculty which help to advancing the popularization, democratization and legislation of labor union’s work and enable the union to boast sound organization, stronger right protection power, comprehensive job specification, better functioning and trustworthy. Hopefull has consecutively been selected as the “National Perfect Double-Appraise Enterprise”“National Exemplary Faculty’s Family”, “Enterprises With AAA Class Harmonious Labor Relations in Hu Bei Province”




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Tel: +86 0316-3388000, +86 010-61596868  E-mail: admin@hope-full.com.cn

Home | About Us | Links | Careers | Sitemap | 中文

Tel: +86 0316-3388000, +86 010-61596868
E-mail: admin@hope-full.com.cn

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