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In April 2008, with the permission of higher C.P.C (the Party for short in the following)organizations, Party committee of Hopefull is established, which is the first Party committee in private enterprise in Sanhe city including 5 committee members, 3 Party branches and 102 Party members.

Six Duties:

· Implement scientific development concept and promote the scientific development of Hopefull
· Strengthen moral construction and heighten the staff’s concept of honor and disgrace

· Adjust industrial structure and transform the development mode

· Improve culture construction and cultivate core competitiveness 

· Focus on talent training and enhance the ability for serving the society

· Strengthen organization construction and keep the advancement of the communist 

One Guarantee, Two Guidance, Three Services
· One Guarantee: make sure to implement the scientific development concept of the Party.

· Two Guidance: encourage communists to play the exemplary vanguard role and guide the staff to build up the appropriate professional morality. 

· Three Services:serve for the company to achieve a more advanced and rapid development, work on the maximizing and implementing of staff’s fundamental interest and provide service for extending the Party’s mass foundation. 


Hopefull currently has over 100 Party members who can represent “100 flags”. According to the varied production situation, the area of responsibility, the position for demonstration and the vanguard post for stabilization of the Party members are established, at the same time, 8 items that require Party members to play a leading role are formulated and published as well. In Hopefull, the Party members are requested to deliver an outstanding work, to stand out in the critical moment, to go ahead regardless in the crisis moment and to be the model in any positions and areas.

Eight Items That Require The Party Members To Take The Lead
· Learning and implementing the scientific development concept 

· Observing law and discipline 

· Obtaining skills and technology

· Executing the post standard and operation specification

· Saving energy, reducing cost and improving the work efficiency 

· Carrying on technological innovation 

· Executing production standard and ensuring the quality of the product 

· Conducting staff’s helping and supporting, promoting company’s harmonious development 


The high temperature dehulling technical reform invented by Mr. Wang Zhenshan and his colleagues who are the communists won the Technology Innovation Awards in Langfang city, the second prize for energy-conservation and emission-reduction recommendation appraisal in HeBei province and the honorable award for national energy-conservation and emission-reduction recommendation appraisal.


The boiler's water-bath dust extraction technical reform invented by Mr. Gao Liangquan and his colleagues who are the communist Party members won the Technology Innovation Awards in Lang Fang city.

During the spring festival period in 2007, 70 thousand tons of soybeans contained in 570 railway carriages arrived Hopefull. If this amount of soybeans can’t be unloaded into the storage on time, the company would face a serious reputation and financial losses. In this critical moment, Mr. Tian Zengliang, Mr. Wang Zhenshan, Mr. Guo Shijun and several other communist members leading over 100 staffs started working from the Chinese New Year Eve till the fourth day in the first Chinese lunar month and unloaded all the soybeans into the warehouse saving the group’s reputation in railway transportation.

Mr. Shi Kerong, secretary of the party committee of Hopefull said that Hopefull group will not boast the current situation without the caring and supporting of higher party organizations, the fighting bastion function of the Party and the exemplary vanguard role of the communists. We will continuously take the strides along the road guided by the Party and march onward unswervingly in order to become bigger, stronger and have stronger vitality winning honor for our country and glorifying the Party Flag.

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Tel: +86 0316-3388000, +86 010-61596868  E-mail: admin@hope-full.com.cn

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Tel: +86 0316-3388000, +86 010-61596868
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